Registration Information

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To attend the conference, fill out the printable registration form and send it and a check for the registration fee by regular mail. Alternatively, you can fill out registration form online. In either event, also send a check for the registration fee by regular mail to:

ASIC, c/o Prof. Richard Shiffrin
Indiana University Cognitive Science Program
1101 E. 10th St.
Bloomington, IN 47405


The registration fee is:

Before May 1, 2002:$135 USD
After May 1, 2002:$150 USD
On-site payment:$170 USD

All fees must be by check (no credit cards) payable to Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference (or ASIC) and sent to the organizer at the address above.

Checks sent from attendees from countries other than the US should be drawn on a US bank, or be in the form of an international cashier's check, or the equivalent.

The registration fee includes the opening night reception, the food, drink, facilities for all sessions, and the final banquet. This fee must be paid by those attending the sessions, and/or those partaking of the food and drink at the sessions (at the start or at the break). Extra tickets are available for the opening reception for $7 USD/person, and for the final banquet for $30 USD/person.

Registration Form

Online registration form -- (send fee by regular mail)

The printable registration form is in .pdf format, and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

printable ASIC2002 registration form