Activities in the area of Cavalese

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For tourism during the conference, the cities of Trento and Bolzano are closest, and Verona, Vincenza, Padova, and possibly Venice are close enough for day trips that would allow return to Cavalese in time for the conference proceedings. Riva del Garda is a pleasant and accessible resort town on the northern tip of Lake Garda. However, generally speaking tours to the old cities of Northern Italy and elsewhere had best be planned for days before and after the conference.

The conference is being held in the Dolomites, a remarkable set of rocky crags in Northern Italy, with valleys typically starting about 3000 feet and peaks rising to 10,000 feet. There are many enormous sheer cliffs rising from green valleys and beautiful lakes, large numbers of sharp pinnacles and spires, hiking paths and extremely well appointed huts throughout the region, and pleasant villages everywhere. In addition to the usual hiking opportunities (which are quite dramatic and pleasant) there are Via Ferrata scattered throughout the mountains. Via Ferrata (i.e. 'iron walks') are 'paths' threaded through the cliffs and peaks of the most dramatic mountains, with cables running along the trails and iron ladders running up and down the cliffs. One hikes/scrambles along these paths with harness and quick draws that allow one to be attached to the cables at all times, making the experience the closest one can come to mountaineering and technical climbing, and the attendant scenery and exposure, while maintaining complete safety. The same feature makes these walks suitable for beginners and children. The Via Ferrata are rated for difficulty, allowing one to choose one to match one's abilities and maximize enjoyment.

There are of course numerous opportunities for rock climbing throughout the area, mostly sport climbs with bolts every few feet for protection, from one to twenty or more pitches in length. The rock is mostly Dolomitic limestone, with many interesting features for face climbing.

Adventure activities available in the general area include canyoneering, parasailing, and mountain biking. In Cavalese there is also a dedicated paved bicycle-only path that winds from the city through the countryside and mountains, and is excellent for family and other day trips. For those unable or unwilling to walk, hike, bicycle, or climb, excellent touring by car is possible, and there are also ski lifts operating in the summer to bring visitors close to or on top of the dramatic peaks. For days prior to or following the conference we also recommend highly the hut-to-hut hiking in the Dolomites. Most huts are quite plush and well maintained, relatively inexpensive, situated in startling scenery, and offer fresh meals (from menus) prepared using fresh ingredients, breads and pastries brought daily by cable from the nearest villages in the valleys.

Example Activities and Costs

We mention here a few of the possibiltiies for groups and some prices. Prices are per person (in Euro), but note that there is a minimum number of participants, varying with the activity.

Many of these activities require half day, but full day outings can also be arranged. Other activities can be arranged upon request, including climbing on any route (trad or sport) in the Dolomites.

**Guided hike (moderate to difficult). Euro 25 per person (min. 5)
**Guided visit to natural park - easy hike. Euro 15 per person (min. 10)
**Via Ferrata. Euro 85 per person (min. 3)
**Rock climbing course. 1-3 days, 9 am to 1 pm, Euro 65 per person (min. 3)
**Climb of the Marmolada glacier (all day). 90 Euro per person (min 2)
**Canyoning (9 am-13 pm). Euro 52 per person (min 5)

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