Tenth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference



There are several restaurants at the Caldes de Boi Spa Resort, and the staff there will be catering all breakfasts and dinners (there is not time to drive to alternative restaurants). The dining charges are included in the daily lodging fee. The registration fee will pay for the food and drink at the session breaks, extra food and drink at the opening reception, and the conference banquet (to be held on a day to be decided later).

Each day the conference will begin with light snacks and liquid refreshments at about 16:00-16:15, followed by talks, and a 15 minute break with more drinks about midway through the talks (about 18:00). The first day of the conference (July 7) will have a reception with wine, beer, and more elaborate snacks, from 3:30-4:15.

The hotel website has information about the restaurants and food. I have arranged that we will have a rotating selection of food choices, including meat, fish, and options for vegetarians.