Tenth Annual Summer Interdisciplinary Conference

Travel To and About
Caldes de Boi Resort, Pyrenees, Spain

[This section will be elaborated with additional information later]

The hotel website has a link under CONTACT to a map of the region showing the location of the resort.  The next two maps are taken from a climbing guidebook to the area. The first is larger scale and shows the location relative to some local roads. The second is smaller scale and indicates the position of Caldes de Boi.

Most participants will fly to Barcelona and rent a car to drive to the resort. The driving time is just under four hours. Driving directions from Barcelona: It is probably best to take A2 (some toll roads) to exit 461 to N230 north (bypassing Lleida to the north). Take N230 just past El Pont de Suert, then bearing NE on L-500 past Barruera continuing on LV-5000 to Caldes de Boi.. Google maps provides good driving directions.

Travel to, from, and in Barcelona

Flights from the US usually arrive in Barcelona in the early AM, after an overnight flight the previous evening. Flights to the US from Barcelona leave no later than about 10:30 to 11:30 AM, arriving in the US by early afternoon. If one leaves the resort by about 5 to 6 AM, it might be possible to catch a flight that morning. Otherwise participants might stay overnight in Barcelona, before flying on a later day. I note that many participants will want to spend a day or more likely several days in Barcelona, before or after ASIC, or perhaps both before and after.

There is a closer small airport called Alguaire which is reachable via Paris, Milan, or London. The drive from Alguaire is about 1.5 hours. It is also possible to fly to a French airport near the Pyrenees and cross the Pyrenees by car (with the use of tunnels). Toulouse is one possibility that is about 3.5 hours away by car.

Once one reaches the resort, there is basically one main road. The resort is about three km from the park entrance. There are many hiking and climbing options that begin within a few km of the resort. There are a few unpaved roads into the park, but one must arrange local tours by jeep.

Travel around Barcelona can be complicated, partly because there are many options: taxi, train, bus, and car rental. I will give several useful websites below that give much more detailed information than can be listed here. There are two main travel questions attendees are likely to have: Travel from the airport (BCN) to Barcelona city center, and return, and travel from BCN to Caldes de Boi and return.

  1. Travel from BCN to Caldes de Boi, and return

    CAR RENTAL: Most attendees will want to use a rental car, which can be obtained at the airport (and arranged via the web or by phone in advance).

    PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Travel by public transportation from BCN to the resort and return can be done, but is somewhat complicated. Here are the likely steps for the trip to the resort—the return trip more or less reverses the procedures. One must use some combination of tax, train and bus, as described below, to get to the town of Pont de Suert, near the Caldes de Boi resort. From there one must take a taxi for the final stage of the trip, at a cost of about 30 Euro.

    In the following note that the origin of trips from Barcelona is at the train station Estació del Nord/Northern Station which is adjacent to the bus station Bracelona Nord. Trains do not go to Pont de Suert, so it must be reached by bus. Buses can originate at either the above Barcelona bus station, or at the bus station in Lleida (which must first be reached by train from the stations just above). A) Take a train to Lleida. There are two buses a day to Pont de Suert (which I believe are continuations of two of the bus trips from Barcelona next listed). B) Take a bus to Pont de Suert. There are five buses a day to Pont de Suert, taking (depending on route, taking four to five hours). The departure times are 6:45, 9:00, 14:15, 16:00, and 20:45. The return price is about 49 Euro.

    The first stage of the trip is to get from BCN to the above mentioned train/bus station. One can use a taxi: from Terminal 2 (T2) the cost is 20 – 25 euros and takes about 25 minutes; from Terminal 1 (T1) the cost is 25 - 30 euros and takes about 30 minutes. Alternatively one can use several train/bus/metro options: See http://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/airport/transfers/transfer-barcelona-airport-calella.html. (You are not going to Calella, but this site will explain the options to get to Barcelona Nord).

  2. Travel to and from BCN to Barcelona City Center

    There are too many options to list here. A good site that explains the possibilities is: http://www.barcelona-tourist-guide.com/en/airport/barcelona-airport-transport.html#renfe.

    Some useful websites: