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Radio Podcasts
All in the Mind (ABC Radio)
Future Tense (ABC Radio)
The Life Scientific (BBC Radio)
Radiolab (WNYC)

News and Blogs
Discover Magazine Mind & Brain
Mind Hacks
Scientific American Mind

TED Talks
Aditi Shankardass: A Second Opinion on Learning Disorders
Al Seckel: Our Brains are Mis-Wired

Beau Lotto: Optical Illusions Show Us How We See
Clay Shirky: Institutions vs. Collaboration
Clay Shirky: How Cognitive Surplus will Change the World
Dan Ariely: Beware Conflicts of Interest
Dan Ariely: Are We In Control of Our Own Decisions?
Dan Ariely: Our Buggy Moral Code
Dan Dennett: Consciousness
Dan Dennett: Dangerous Memes
Dan Dennett: Cute, Sexy, Sweet, Funny
Daniel Wolpert: The Real Reason for Brains
Ed Boyden: A Light Switch for Neurons
Gero Miesenboeck: Reengineering a Brain

Helen Fisher: Why We Love + Cheat

Helen Fisher: The Brain in Love
Henry Markram: A Brain in a Supercomputer
Hod Lipson: "Self-Aware" Robots

Jeff Hawkins: How Brain Science Will Change Computing

Jill Bolte Taylor: My Stroke of Insight

Marvin Minksy: Health and the Human Mind
Oliver Sacks: What Hallucination Reveals About Our Minds
Pawan Sinha: How Brains Learn to See
Pranav Mistry: SixthSense Technology

Sebastian Seung: I Am My Connectome
VS Ramachandran: The Neurons that Shaped Civilization

VS Ramachandran: On Your Mind

What is Consciousness? (Information is Beautiful)

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