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Volume 4 - Winter 2008


Articles [in PDF format]

The Acquisition of English Locative Constructions by Native Speakers of Korean: Pragmatic Competence or Syntactic Incompetence?
Jenny S. Lee, Wellesley College

Quantifying the Effect of a Logotype on Perceived Market Value of Consumer Products
Rhymes Stabler, Vanderbilt University

Testing the Use of Whole-part Juxtaposition and Mutual Exclusivity in Preschool Children with Familiar and Non-familiar Objects
Charlotte Agger, Vanderbilt University

Fluid Learning
Jordan Barnes, Simon Fraser University

Can Neuroscience Inform the Free Will Debate?
Brandi Newell, Wellesley College

The Gestural Basis of Spoken Language
Kogulan Nadesakumaran, Case Western Reserve University

What is it Like to Be a Dualist? On the Real Challenge of Nagel�s 1974 Paper
Lucas J. Matthews, University of Cincinnati

Overcoming Cartesian Intuitions: A Defense of Type-Physicalism
Ronald J. Planer, Rutgers University

The Ghost Partner: Joint Imagination in Reenactment
Karen Chow, University of California, San Diego

Shot Structure in Hollywood Film
Christine E. Nothelfer, University of California, Berkeley

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