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Current News

Cognitive Science Ph.D. Program Accepting Applications for Fall 2015.
The Cognitive Science Program is currently accepting applications for the Ph.D. program for 2015 fall matriculation. Information about the application procedure is available at Admission to the Cognitive Science Ph.D. Program. Deadline for international applicants is December 1, 2014; deadline for domestic applications is January 3, 2015.

Professor Peter Todd interviews German Psychologist and Author Gerd Gigerenzer
Professor Peter Todd interviewed Professor Gerd Gigerenzer, a German psychologist and author whose work concerns the use of bounded rationality and decision making heuristics. Professor Gigerenzer is currently the Director of the Center for Adaptive Behavior and Cognition at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development. You can also find the interview on our multimedia page.

Professor John Searle to visit IU
Professor John Searle of the University of California, Berkeley will be visiting IU for the philosophy conference Collective Intentionality IX. The conference will run from September 10-13.

Professor Searle has been noted for his work in philosophy of mind, philosophy of language and social philosophy. His work won him the National Humanities Award in 2004.

More News and Announcements

Cognitive Scientists in the News

How Artificial Intelligence Could Improve Health Care
Professor Kris Hauser's research on how artificial intelligence could improve health care was recently featured in local and national news articles.

Professor Peter Todd Interview on Food Choice Research
Professor Peter Todd was recently interviewed on WFIU about food choice research. Both the recording and the transcript of the interview can be found at

Prof. Jonathan Crystal featured in Current Biology
Professor Jonathan Crystal has been featured in a podcast interview. Prof. Crystal also has 3 papers in the current issue.
The papers can be found here.

More Cognitive Scientists in the News

Help us celebrate the Cognitive Science Program's 25th Anniversary!

The Cognitive Science Program is hiring an Assiant Professor. Learn more here.

IGERT Doctoral Training Program

The Cognitive Science Program is home to the NSF IGERT doctoral training program in the dynamics of brain-body-environment systems in behavior and cognition.

Trainees receive extensive support and funding for their doctoral studies at IU.

Upcoming Events

- Oct 20
Norbert Fortin, UC Irvine

Cognitive Lunch - Oct 22
Sven Bambach

- Oct 27
Peter Strick, University of Pittsburgh

Cognitive Lunch - Oct 29
Maxim Bushmakin

Q733 Colloquium - Nov 3
Yael Niv, Princeton University